Our Story

I got my start in the industry in 1990 at Kenneth Gordon, here in New Orleans. Working in the merchandising department, I learned the technical aspects of fabrics and shirt production from Ken and the head merchandiser, Al Mayman, and this education still leads me today. If fact, I still talk to Ken on a weekly basis. 

The brand Andrew David was conceived, in spring 2007, to fill a void in the industry of high quality men's sport shirts, made in America. Stores across the country, low to high end, are loaded with brand after brand made in off-shore factories. American craftsmanship in the apparel market is all but extinct. The initial collection was small and only available in a handful of stores but has grown over the years into an extensive collection and available in select men's stores all over the country.

WIth the ailing economy and increasing difficulty in dealing with the retail industry, we are now going strictly direct-to-consumer over the web. What does this mean to you? You can view the entire collection in one place, rather than the limited selection chosen by a retailer. Prices will be about 40% less than retail store pricing. And you can shop with confidence knowing that if you're unhappy for any reason with your purchase, we'll do what it takes to make it right. 

All of the fabrics are purchase from the finest European weaving mills in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Austria. Most of the buttons are natural shell, either mother of pearl, trocus, or conch. We use only natural fiber interlinings and most of the fabrics are 100% natural fibers. Shirt production, labels, hangtags, and even the ball chain use to attach the hangtag, are all made in America. Given the nature of this collection, it is not possible to source these types of fabrics here, but it due time, maybe it will come to pass. 

in 2010 we joined a start-up movement called American Made Matters. It has grown to a group of over 100 companies that manufacture products in America or offer American based services. I encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring this website. You might be surprised at variety of products you can purchase that are made in America.

I'm confident that this product will meet or surpass the quality and workmanship of any other brand shirt you own. 

Best regards,

Andrew David Moore